Customized Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

At North Vista Medical Center, our physicians are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and are experienced using natural hormone supplementation. Using laboratory analysis labs to assess your personal hormone status and local compounding pharmacies to create your specific bio-identical hormone prescription, our physicians have been helping men and women with hormone imbalances for over a decade.

Many of our patients have had “conventional” tests like cholesterol and blood counts and have been told that “nothing is wrong”. Yet, somehow they didn’t feel good. Symptoms of fatigue and low energy, declining libido, mood swings, muscle weakness, brain-fog, hot flashes, and generalized malaise are common symptoms which may indicate that one’s hormones are not properly balanced. This can be a problem for women and men–as young as 30 years of age–and can have enormous impact on quality of life.

If you have heard about Bio-Identical Hormone therapies and are interested to learn more about this natural alternative to synthetic or animal-derived hormones, please contact our office for more information. If you are currently on conventional hormone therapies such as Premarin and PremPro, be sure to ask your doctor about the well-known side effects of these drugs.

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