Complete Preventative and Urgent Medical Care

At North Vista we believe that your personal physicians should be available for acute injuries and illnesses. Our offices are open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, as well as some Saturday mornings. If you suffer from a cut or broken bone, infection or illness, your North Vista Medical Center physicians can often treat you right in our offices, on the same day. Our Board Certified physicians bring nearly 15 years of emergency room experience to meet your urgent medical care needs. Since we are experienced ER doctors, as well as Family Medicine Physicians, call our office and we will help you decide what to do. Usually we can take care of your needs with minimal wait times.

We treat scrapes and burns, and also repair cuts and lacerations. We perform stitches, but sometimes will use surgical glue or staples, depending on the wound. We are also able to splint and cast many types of bone fractures in the office. We always strive to be available, accessible and convenient champions for your health and wellness!

Calling ahead with urgent medical needs is always appreciated.

*If you experience a life-threatening emergency, always call 911.

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